Who Is Taylor?

Taylor sitting on the counter in her kitchen, May 19, 2020

Taylor is 21 years old and currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago. Up until college, she lived in a small town in Central Wisconsin. Once it was time for college, she ventured to another small town in the upper right corner of Iowa, the school was called “Upper Iowa University”. Her willingness to tolerate the ‘small-town’ life grew shorter and shorter every day. One day, she made the decision to continue her education virtually and move to the suburban style. It has been a little over a year, and she is still loving it.

Taylor is nearly finished with college, and she only has one class left before she receives her Bachelor’s in Financial Management and Information Systems (IS). Although, she still isn’t sure where life will take her, she is ready for the journey. Recently, she made a big choice to purchase a house. It’s only been 3 months since moving in but it feels like yesterday she got handed the keys.

In Taylor’s free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and talking. Currently, she is on the search for a good book, while writing a book of her own. Taylor’s hobbies are constantly changing and she has a lot of passions in life, including makeup, sustainable living, money management, embroidering, writing, reading, taking hot baths, and so much more. Much like many people on this planet, Taylor has also been diagnosed with multiple medical conditions that she’s managing on the daily.

The purpose of the T.A. August website is to brand Taylor’s lifestyle and push her a direction, one way or another. She has a YouTube Channel (called Taylor’s Vlog), a Podcast (called Taylor Talks), and now a blog! She is also on her way to finishing her first novel, there is a long way to go for that. As Taylor continues to grow her brand, she hopes you will join her in some way.


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