Why Household Plants Should Be A Trend That Stays

 In recent years, succulents and other household plants have become a huge trend, part of the ‘boho’ style. There are more good reasoning behind this trend, other than simply looks. Having houseplants are not only visually pleasing, they also are essential to a healthily lifestyle. Most people are aware that plants take in carbon dioxide (what humans breath out) and they release oxygen (what humans need to breath in), but are most people also aware of the potential toxins that are floating around the household air?

                The list of research done on household plants and breathable air isn’t short. By far the most repetitive theory I’ve heard is that the air within a house is 5 times more toxic than the outdoor air. When you factor in things like emissions, burning products, and other harmful toxins outside, it makes a person wonder what kind of toxins are in my house and why. Now, not every household is going to have the same amount of toxins, or even the same type toxins. But one thing is for sure, everyone could benefit from indoor plants.

                It has been proven that plants can cause better productivity, better sleep, and a more calming environment. But, that doesn’t mean that every plant under the sun is meant for the indoors. Choosing the right plants to have indoors can be a challenge, especially if someone lacks a green thumb. Before I got my string of house plants, I had no green thumb, and I had no idea where to begin. Also, I don’t think I have much of a green thumb still, but it’s gotten a lot easier to take care of plants! Below is a list that I recommend for first-timers or those who cannot keep a plant alive. If you ask a professional, they’ll give you a long list of plants that are ‘kill-proof’ in their opinion. You should really be asking a beginner, because they’ll know more about how you’ll feel going into houseplant shopping and care.

                The most important rule when it comes to houseplants: Underwatering is better than overwatering.

Top 5 Plants to Have-  in my opinion

The plant with an ulterior motive:  Aloe Vera

Not only do they remove toxins from the air, they also service many functions when you take the Aloe gel from within their leafs.

They are easy to take care of, I’d say a 7/10.

My tips: Just make sure you have good drainage and water only when their dirt is fully dry. Also, don’t put them in direct sun, it can burn their leaves and they don’t really like the sun that full. Try placing them in indirect light.

The plant that tells you when it’s thirsty: Peace Lily

Most plants will tell you when they’re thirsty when they start to drop, but the Peace Lily is a queen at just that. When they are thirsty, their roots will start to droop but quickly perk up when you give them a drink. Plus, they are amazing at removing some toxins from the air.

I would  give them an 8/10.

My tips: They’re not a fan of direct light, but place them somewhere sunny. If their leaves turn colors, it means you’re either giving them too much water or they have too much sun. Let them tell you when they’re thirsty and then set a schedule to water them once you get the hang of their pattern.

The One To Sleep With: Snake Plant

You’ve heard the phrase ‘don’t sleep with a snake’, but in this case, we encourage it. The snake plant is an easy maintenance plant that handles irregularity well. Also, they don’t need a lot of sun to survive so the bedroom is the perfect place for them. While they’re removing toxins in your sleep, it helps you to get a deeper and better sleep with the better air quality.

They deserve a 10/10, you can’t go wrong!

My tips: They like water, but not a lot. Less is more in this case. They also like a wide range of sun, so they can handle direct light or even nearly no light. Just make sure that they get a little light, open the curtains when you’re not sleeping and they’ll be happy with you.

The Cute and Mighty: Succulents and Cacti

These come in a wide range and they are probably the most popular among the indoor plants. My favorite is the String of Pearl succulent. They love sun and live for little water! They’re the best for someone who regularly forgets they have plants.

10/10 for them!

My Tips: Let them fully dry out before you water them, and never water the leaves directly. If they are constantly in the sun, they won’t like the water on them and the sun might burn holes in their leaves. Place them somewhere they get a lot of sun, regularly. If they die, it might just be their time, but you can find them almost anywhere that sells plant supplies.

Hang Your Sunday Best: Prayer Plant

These aren’t religious at all, but they do extraordinary things if you have time to watch them all day. During the day, they like to lay flat and down, but at night, they point up as if they are praying and reaching for the sky. When new leaves are coming in, they’re curled up and they look so delicate. They also have markings on their leaves that make them stand out.

I’d give them a 6/10.

My Tips: They love the moist air, I recommend putting them somewhere in the bathroom or near the bathroom. They like indirect light which is perfect if there’s a window in the bathroom. They like water, but don’t like to be soaked all the time. I give them the lowest rating because they are very pretty, but I see a lot of my leaves turn brown and I cannot seem to get their conditions just right. In other words, they’re kind of picky.

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