My Niche Is Not Having A Niche

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 While doing research on how to start my blog, Podcast, and YouTube Channel, I came across a common theme. Everyone’s first advice was ‘pick a niche and stick with it’. I had an issue with this because I love too many things to choose just one to make a career out of. A niche is something that people know you for, and something that you feel most comfortable doing. I didn’t want to be Taylor ‘the Tree Hugger’ nor did I want to be Taylor ‘the Nerd’. I personally felt that I have too much to say about too many random subjects to stick to one.

                On one hand, I love the environment, but so does everyone else. On another hand, I love finance and helping people improve their credit scores and stay on a budget, but so does everyone else. In my mind, choosing just one was too much pressure to put on myself. I decided to make the risky decision of not choosing a niche. I guess you could say, my niche is not having a niche. With that, I’m sure I’ll be losing a bunch of potential followers and fans, but I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t have the level  of freedom to speak on any topic that I care about.

                I think that making this choice will be the best thing for me, simply because I consider myself more of a ‘free spirit’ in the sense that I don’t like to be classified as one thing in particular. But then again, I’ve been this way my entire life. Even when choosing a degree, I wanted to try them all and have them all for no apparent reason, other than variety.

                Take my Podcast as an example, I have a few different episodes that revolve around credit cards, fashion, and sustainable alternatives and I’m just in the first few episodes. Yes, not everyone is going to want to listen to each one, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s not required that my listeners listen to every type of podcast I have. My listeners are encouraged to listen because they might learn something new about things I’m particularly passionate about, but I leave that decision up to them. My blog and YouTube Channel are much the same in the free spirit sense.

                I’ve even tried to make this a point with my book that I’m writing. For my first published book, I want to write a Thriller. However, that doesn’t mean that my second or third will be Thrillers as well. I like to write about things that I like, and I like a lot of things. One thing that I’ve actually struggled with when writing, was picking my genera. There are times when I think, even now, that I want to change my first book to a romance, or a Si-Fi. Even if the only thing that I get out of this book is realizing that I’m not a good Thriller writer, at least I’ll be narrowing down my genera.

                My advice to anyone that is reading this, is to do everything and anything that you’d like. You chose to read this article for a  reason and for whatever reason that may be, we can draw one straightforward conclusion from it. You do not want to be limited in life or anywhere else, we are one in the same.  There should not allow yourself to confine to the standards of society that say you must master one thing, and one thing only. Be the exception, the one that conquers all things.


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