the mercer island murderer

About this novel:

Pages: 344

Series? The first of a duology, either of which can be read as a standalone.

Genre: Murder Mystery

Pace: Slow Burn

Official Release Date: February 1st, 2021

Timothy Cardington moved from Chicago to Mercer Island, Washington with his amazing wife, Rachel, and his young daughter, Joelle. Tim’s life is picture perfect until murders start to pop up in their “seemingly safe” neighborhood. One murder… Two murders… Due to a past trauma, the murders are too close to home for Rachel which puts an unwanted strain on the family and causes distance between Rachel and Tim. Tim is determined on finding answers that will fix his broken family.

The more Tim looks for solutions, the more he’s left with endless questions. Soon, the murderer everyone is looking for turns serial, now referred to as the ‘Mercer Island Murderer’. He decides to stop digging and all his answers fall into his lap. Will Tim’s new answers become the solution he’s really been yearning for?